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The Trillion Trees Virtual Summit

October 3rd & 4th
To gather a global representation of the best “tree-planting” organizations guided by the mantra: “Let’s learn more together.”

Achieving a Trillion Tree goal is not realistically achievable by any one organization. The Trillion Trees Summit aims to take the important first step of “tilling the soil” for global collaboration around the Trillion Trees initiative.

Many organizations exist who share a common goal of large scale tree-planting campaigns, yet there appears to be a lack of common best practices, cross-pollination between organizations and meaningful inter-organizational collaboration. Sharing best practices and common pains between organizations may help uncover universal hindrances and identify areas of opportunity that would strengthen each organization and our collective global effort. Furthermore, this may provide opportunities for a new generation of investors and philanthropists to identify how to best direct funds for maximum benefit.

This summit intends to facilitate interorganizational cross-pollination of best practices and key learnings while building a foundation for a meaningful global dialogue and open-source community for the Trillion Trees initiative.

All participants will be the first to access a distilled “key learnings” document, which will eventually be made open to the public.

This event is by invitation only. Email to apply.

The Trillion Trees Virtual Summit: What We Do
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