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Join the Trillion Trees Coalition


The Trillion Trees Coalition is an open-source, collaborative community of individuals and organizations donating their time to supporting the Trillion Trees global mission. 

We welcome you to join the Coalition.

This is a grass-roots ecosystem of individuals and organizations across diverse sectors, who see the Trillion Trees initiative as a key solution to draw down carbon, address climate change and steward planetary regeneration.


We believe that creating platforms and events for key stakeholders to meet, share, and learn together - will give us the best chance at collectively achieving the goal of planting of 1 Trillion Trees. 

We are a collaborative movement that platforms and connects key organizations and individuals focused on the Trillion Trees solution. 

Our first event, the Trillion Trees Global Summit, is hosted online:

October 3rd and 4th 2020.


As Coalition members, We Pledge:


To take actionable steps towards planting a trillion trees together.

To be collaborative, unifying and uplifting.

To share our learnings and decentralize our approach.

To regenerate, reforest and protect the ecosystems of our planet for future generations.

To respect the sovereignty of local and indigenous communities in our efforts.

To be inclusive and welcome diversity.

In addition to being listed here as a coalition member and being welcomed to join special events as well as create your own with the coalition, you will be invited to join our private online community network platform to engage with others who have also taken the pledge. 

Join us

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